Feature Titles
ASTERIX AND OBELIX (God Save Britannia)
Director: Laurent Tirard
Producer: Olivier Delbosc - Marc Missonnier
Adventure | Animation | Comedy


Led by Julius Caesar, the glorious legions of Rome have invaded Britain.
One little village continues to resist bravely, but it’s growing weaker by the day.The Queen of the Britons sends her trusty officer Anticlimax to seek help in Gaul, in another little village famed for its dogged resistance to the Romans...

Meanwhile, Asterix and Obelix have been entrusted with a delicate mission- to make a man of Justforkix, the Chief’s devil-may-care, pain-in-the-ass nephew who thinks of nothing but girls and music.

When Anticlimax describes the desperate situation facing his people, the Gauls give him a barrel of their famous magic potion, and Asterix and Obelix accompany him home with Justforkix in tow. After all, real men are made by travel. Back in Britain, Anticlimax wastes no time in introducing the Gauls to local customs of unrivaled sophistication!

Furious, Caesar decides to enlist the Normans - those redoubtable
warriors of the North - as mercenaries to crush the Britons once and for all. But the crazy Normans have only one dream - to experience fear. For as they’ve heard it said, “Fear gives wings”... and who wouldn’t want to fly?

In Londinium, Justforkix falls for Ophelia, Anticlimax’s lovely young
fiancée, while Obelix is equally smitten by her housekeeper, Miss Macintosh. Diverted from their mission by these infatuations, our heroes lose the precious barrel! Justforkix is captured by the Normans, who they believe can initiate them into the “mysteries of fear”.

Gauls, Britons, Normans and Romans are caught up in a crazy chase for the magic potion upon which the salvation of a nation depends...

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