Feature Titles
Director: Allion Grace - Matthew Hawkins
Producer: Vince Commisso


Eight kids between the ages of 14 to 17 are taken into the wilderness with Les Stroud astheir mentor. Chosen for their unique personalities and overall adventure readiness, thesekids are vying to fulfill a self-determined goal that is both personal and inspiring. They arechallenged physically, emotionally and intellectually. Each episode presents a differentsurvival challenge - devised by Les Stroud himself! Over the course of the series, we getto know the kids very well as relationships develop, conflicts erupt and emotions runwild. Les IS Survivorman, and he knows better than anyone that sometimes when itcomes to survival you only get one chance. He'll be looking for that individual who iswilling to learn and grow under the most difficult situations. And yes - these kids do have

to survive.

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